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We are the leading concrete mix suppliers in Pretoria with our focus on the supply of ready mix concrete.

The ready mix process allows for high efficiency at a site, where concrete can be moulded and shaped immediately.

The fact that the concrete doesn’t have to be mixed on the site allows for more time in the use of it. This ensures that workers can focus more on the service of quality, rather than rushing to get the job done.

Pretoria Ready Mix will ensure that your batch is made to your exact specifications.

The concrete itself is made for smaller, less complicated jobs. However, we design the concrete in a way which allows it to be used for larger job as well.

We have three ready mix products which we provide to you. This is standard mix, pump mix and pool mix.

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We provide a standard mix cement for you which is a simpler mixture designed for a multitude of uses. The standard mix will be able to be used in different construction processes.

A standard mix is a mixture of cement, sand, stone and other aggregates. The mix will differ in consistency based on the type of mix and the slump requirements of the client’s needs.

Our ready mix of the standard concrete mix will allow you to begin your job as soon as it arrives.

A standard mix is available from 15mpa to 40mpa strength.


Pump mix allows for your site to fill harder to reach spaces. What this does is ensure that you are doing your job to the best of your ability.

Pump mix is made up of a mixture of aggregates, water and high slump.

Sections which may be difficult to fill can now be completed with ease. This will boost your productivity level as well as the quality of the finished product.

We offer pump mix between 20mpa and 35mpa.

Concrete supplieres Pretoria


Pool mixing is a process which develops the desired shape, size and thickness of the pool surface.

Your customers will be satisfied with the final design as the ready mix process will develop top notch results.


Thank you for choosing Pretoria East Ready Mix as your developer and distributor of ready mix concrete. Contact us for more information on our product and services.


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