We offer a wide range of concrete mixes at Pretoria Readymix. The mix design are determined by the strength needed and the customer requirements.

Standard Mix

A standard concrete mix is a mixture of Cement and other aggregates. The mix differ based on the type of mix and the slump requirements of the client’s needs.
A standard concrete mix is available from 15mpa to 40mpa strength.

Pump Mix

Pump mix allows the customer to pour concrete in hard to reach areas without hassle. We offer pump mix between 20mpa and 35mpa. It is a mix of aggregates, water and high slump.

Pool Mix

Pool mix is specifically designed for the construction of swimming pools. There is less water in the mix that results in low workability, making it easier to pack in vertical surfaces.


For the client's convenience, we also supply pumps for those hard to reach places.

We offer the services of cube testing on our concrete. For the testing of concrete quality after placement, we make use of specialist independent laboratories. Specific tests and results can also be undertaken for specific projects, provided that the customer has requested this in advance. Upon request, Pretoria Readymix offers a site inspection to customers if the need arises for advice on access and suitability for concrete delivery and pumping.


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